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Our New Travelpro® Trusted Companion Promise gives you even more coverage for the life of your bag.

Rough baggage handlers? Damage from carousel traffic jams? Airline, cruise ship, or train company beatings? We’ve got you covered. Plus, with our new Trusted Companion Promise, we will even reimburse shipping costs when you send your bag to us for warranty repair or replacement.

NEW Trusted Companion Promise - **a worry free enhancement

** Additional Coverage

Covering shipping cost if the product needs to be shipped to one of Travelpro's repair facilities for warranty repair or replacement


Covers the cost of repair for damage caused by
an airline or other common carrier

** If registered within 120 days of purchase or gift receipt

Register your product now to activate your Built For A Lifetime Limited Warranty
and Trusted Companion Promise benefits:

Duration by Collection:

Maxlite® 5 - First year (1st year) of Limited Warranty Coverage

Platinum® Elite Luggage - For the period the product is owned by the original purchaser or gift receipient

Platinum® Elite Non-Luggage *Daybags - First year (1st year) of Limited Warranty Coverage

*Daybags can be defined as:  Briefcases (Rolling and non-rolling), Backpacks, Women’s Totes, Handbags and Crossbodies

- First three years (3 years) of Limited Warranty Coverage *Effective 7/1/2018

*Crew™ Executive Choice™2 - First year (1st year) of Limited Warranty Coverage *Effective 07/1/2018

BOLD­™ by Travelpro® - First year (1st year) of Limited Warranty Coverage